At first
the morning air
is so still
I can see a reflection of tree and sky
in the bird bath..
A lone Cow Bird in the Hackberry—
I suspect it is  one
who was hurt earlier
and stayed—
a clear, strong “churr, churr, churr.”
A Red-Winged Blackbird lights in the tree
and joins the song with its “are-are-are-ree.”
A lone Black Oil sunflower—
sprouted from the seed
given the birds last winter—
stands straight and bright
and beautiful, being
all she is.

It is a cool June morning.
Now the breeze stirs
and brushes my face softly,
blows my hair.
Off in the distance,
the Red-Bellied Woodpecker drills wood,
a Mockingbird in the north hedgerow
runs through its repertoire
and the Meadowlark whistles sweetly from the pasture.
I hear the Hummingbird’s whir
then watch as it drinks.
Sitting in the cool morning breeze
I am drenched in Kindness.