Homegrown Tomatoes

The last two years,
there has not been a tomato crop
to speak of.
We have mourned that loss.
With a warm winter just passed,
we, and many gardening friends, took a chance
and put out tomato plants a month early,
in mid-March.
Sure enough,
we didn’t have a freeze after March 15.
And already,
there are more tomatoes
than we’ve had in the last two years.
It is a joy and relief
to walk through our gardens
and our friends’
and see lush plants
loaded with fruit.
We all are celebrating:
we can still grow tomatoes!
We can pay attention to nature,
we can adapt,
We can feast on these
sublime red orbs,
once tiny tear-shaped seeds,
planted in carefully prepared soil,
with just the right amount of sunshine
and perfectly-timed rain.
Plucking a warm tomato
off the vine
and squishing its explosive flavor
in a salivating mouth
is more miraculous
than ever.