Erica set up her mesh-making project in the barn

The mesh basket on the composting toilet barrel

Erica and her great idea

May there always
be young people
at Turtle Rock Farm.
Erica Moore
came a month ago
to do an internship
to finish her graduation requirements
at the University of Central Oklahoma
in recreation and community.
She not only has met every task
with interest, curiosity and exuberance,
she is solving problems.
Take, for instance,
the composting toilet barrel.
It sits under the toilet in the hermitage
and twice a year,
when it’s almost full,
we wrestle with wrapping it
with sets of sliding straps,
then hooking it to a come-along
and hoisting it up and out
of its vault.
Erica helped us with this last week
and that was when she had the idea
of weaving a mesh basket for it
so we wouldn’t have to wrestle
with the sliding straps.
Yesterday, she had finished the weaving
and she fastened it around the barrel
and placed it under the composting toilet.
It’s a work of ingenuity and beauty—
and strength.
Once again,
we are heartened, gladdened,
that many in her generation
are living the values
we hold dear,
that will help the planet.