from Albright United Methodist Church
in Ponca City
came for a retreat
last Saturday.
We spent the day
learning to live in the moment with God.
When it came time
to go outside
and pay attention
in the natural world,
I walked down to the pond
and then sat alongside
to watch the Damselflies:
bright blue ones,
a gray one.
The Damselflies
were intent on eating—
or resting?—
and sat perfectly still,
on the ends of plants,
their bodies cantilevered.

Three Damselflies

double wings painted brown and white,
flew fast and free,
My eyes could barely keep up with them.
The longer I sat still,
the closer they came,
as if I were invisible,
and I wondered
if they might collide in to me at any moment.

The longer I sat still,
the more I noticed around me:
tiny yellow flowers on a plant
growing on the edge of the pond.

Looking more closely,
I was delighted to discover
the intersection
of bright, fan-shaped petals
form a green star.

And when the petals and stamen are gone—
fallen to the earth,
blown in the wind—
another, tinier, star
is revealed.

This moment,
God’s wondrous world.