Turtles aren’t the first
to come out into plain sight
after winter’s withdrawal.
The first sighting
was a couple of months ago;
it was in the front flower bed,
stumbling over rocks.
Since, I have seen it
walking through the grass,
heading across the driveway.
In the evening,
it’s often on the back porch
near the cat food bowl.
A few days ago
Ann saw it floating in the water
in the goldfish pond,
which seemed dangerous
for a box turtle.
Suspecting it had been negotiating
the stones around the edge of the pond
and fallen in,
we lifted it out
and set it in the grass.
On the front porch,
it peeks in the dining room door
when I have it open.
I have no doubt it would enter.
Because it’s silent,
it’s always a surprise
when I spot it.
Now and then
I hear the sound
of the metal cat food bowl
against the concrete floor
of the back porch
and I smile,
knowing turtle is there.
Every spotting
brings another smile,
gladness for another chance
to enjoy this creature,
whose silent adventures
and persistent presence
help me get to know it
a little more.

At the dining room door

On the back porch next to the composting bucket