Five days away—
a wonderful time
with traveling companions
and community;
meaningful time
studying our call
to look courageously
at unjust systems
and step up
to radical welcome
of the stranger.
Not forgetting that—
in fact,
needing time to absorb—
I took to the front porch
this morning
to sit
under the thick, stable arms
of the Hackberry,
listening to the birds’
morning song
and sudden appearances,
feeling the still-cool southern breeze.
As I sit
and let myself succumb,
the breeze builds,
and the sizzling serenade of the cicada
replaces the birdsong.
It is slow and rhythmic,
a soft pulsing sizzle
that settles deeply
in my soul
and restores
the connection,
the grounding,
the realization
that we are parts
of All That Is—
one gifted pulsing organism
supporting all of life.
“Welcoming the stranger”
takes on new meaning
and seems to miss the point:
we must see
that the “stranger” is us.