Thor and Fru Fru

Several days ago
I noticed some soft, black fur
under the edge of the cage
in the rabbit pen
and recognized it to be the Lionhead’s fur
I thought “nest”
but discounted it immediately
because the two adult rabbits,
Thor and Fru Fru,
had been together for two or three months.
If they were going to need a nest,
they would have needed it before now,
I reasoned,
evidently unwilling
to face the fact at which I was staring.

Rabbit fur in the straw

This morning,
when I went to feed and water the rabbits,
I saw something black
shining amidst the straw
under the cage.
It was the eyes of a little black
Oh my! Baby rabbits!
It quickly tucked itself
back under the straw
and Fru Fru came closer
and kept an eye on me.
Eventually, I could get my camera
up to the nest
and it looks like there might be three—
four?—baby rabbits.
At least ten days old,
I read now,
because their eyes are open.

Seeing new life is a thrill.
Excited to tell the news,
I called Ann,
who freaked: “What will we do now?!”
Oh: Baby rabbits!
It will never end.

I move a water bowl
so the little ones won’t fall in it
and put up a water bottle instead;
leave them a few rabbit food pellets,
so they won’t pee on lots of rabbit food,
and move Mom’s and Dad’s
food and water dishes
into a hutch only they can hop into.
And then it dawns on me:
for us!
It’s a thought.
We’ll see how things develop.