Silkies and guineas in their new pen outside the barn.
Rooster and cat watch them from inside the barn

Erica offering tiny pieces of zucchini.

The Silkies have graduated
to an outside pen at the barn
and the two guineas
who survived a close encounter with a racoon
have been moved there too.
The one guinea’s beak
damaged by the racoon
is growing back.
The rest of the barn community
can see them
through the fence
but the young ones
will have time to grow bigger
before they are let in
with everyone else.
They seem to becoming
a family unit—
Silkies and guineas
huddle together,
then all rush to one corner
when one of us enters their pen,
then all rush to the squash
or ear of corn
we bring.
It will be interesting
to see if they remain
“a family”
when they are big enough to be released
with the adult guineas and chickens.
For now,
we are keeping them safe
in their own space
while they grow.