Our friend Tom Temple
installed a solar shower
here at Turtle Rock Farm
a couple of summers ago,
on the occasion
of our week-long straw bale construction workshop.
Besides installing a recycled hot water tank,
he built a solar collector
that heated the water
that circulated from a faucet,
through the collector,
into the tank
and out a faucet on the side of the barn.
Our guests have enjoyed it.
The wind caught the solar collector this spring
and while it’s being repaired,
we are simply using a water hose,
curled in the sun
to warm the water.
This has made it possible
to continue to offer solar showers this summer.
And so
at quarter to nine,
as Earth moves up
and a distinct golden circle hovers above the horizon,
I go to the barn
to shower.
and Johnson grass
and grasshoppers
and the black mamma cat,
evidently hiding from her demanding brood,
are there.
The water is hot –
too hot;
I have to turn the faucet for a little cold water,
and then,
it is perfect.
And no electricity: only the sun
to warm the water;
and the evening air,
to dry.