The area the pigs moved from
and fresh Bermuda in their new pen

If you want to get rid of Bermuda grass
so you can plant something else,
inviting pigs to root out the Bermuda grass
is one way to get the job done.
This is the third area the pigs have
rooted out the grass
since they came last spring.
On loan from neighbors,
they root out and eat the grass
until it’s all gone,
then Ann and her helpers
move the fence to a new plot.
They were moved last week,
from one end of the orchard
to the other.
This morning Ann planted that patch
to cover crops—
radish, mustard, buckwheat,
which will add nutrients—
until it’s time to plant more berries and trees.
Meanwhile, the pigs are in their new digs,
complete with a mud pool
to keep them cool in the heat
and the shade of an apple tree
for napping.