Summer Sky

The air temperature
was 105 here yesterday
and by suppertime
the breeze felt hot.
It was 82 at 7 this morning;
the breeze was not-so-hot,
and very soft.
A male Cardinal
stood on the bird bath
water dribbling back into the saucer
as he raised his head to swallow.
Box turtle moseyed along the flower bed.
The dogs have taken to the barn,
even in the morning,
to lay on the concrete floor.
We turned on the water sprinkler in the alpaca pen
to water the grass all night
and this morning
birds and chickens gathered round
to drink from the pool that had formed.
By mid-morning,
most of it had soaked into the ground.
Hummingbirds came to sip
from the feeders on the porch,
cicadas made that sleepy, sizzling sound,
and birds sang.
Wasps sat atop lilies
and drank from the fish pond;
the bright gold fish came to the surface
for food.
Alpacas enjoyed their morning hose-down.
Ann and I reinforced around the rabbits’ outdoor pen
where their tunnels have reached a foot out from it.
Last night
I discovered a possum sitting atop
one of the barn gates
and this morning,
an empty blue egg shell in the chickens’ roost,
so Ann is adding another layer of security
to the gate.
We are trying to capture
the goodness of the garden:
Ann is making pickles;
tomatoes and zucchini
are drying in the sun dryer
hanging at the edge of the front porch.
Soon, we’ll lunch inside
on fresh tomatoes, cucumbers,
zucchini, peaches.
At noon,
the thermometer on the north porch
reads 102.
On this patch
of this amazing planet,
it’s summer.
Mockingbird sits atop a Cedar tree,
singing everyone’s song,
brightly, loudly,
as she does on cool spring mornings,
then takes a drink
at the bird bath.

Tomatoes and Zucchini dehydrating in the solar dryer