Robber Fly

We noticed a very large insect
sitting on the arm of a rocking chair
on the front porch:
large, bulging, glowing green eyes;
long, segmented red and black body,
long, brown, veined wings.
Later, it landed on the screen.
It is an impressive-looking creature—
especially, evidently, to wasps.
It’s a Robber Fly
and they kill wasps.
It’s wasp season here
so it’s no wonder
this amazing creature
showed up.

Great Egret

Great Egret at Dusk

Three Great Egrets,
with their very long, crooked necks,
have come to the Big Pond.
When the pond dried up last summer,
all the fish died
and the pond won’t be restocked
until this fall.
Still, the Egrets have come
and we hope they stay.
We enjoy
summer’s visitors.