A Sliver of Orange Moon

Maybe it’s because it’s past dark
before the air cools enough
to enjoy being outside.
But propelled I am
every evening to go out,
sit under that vast canopy of stars,
watch the moon gently move
to the western horizon.
One night,
while it was still very new,
it turned from golden orange,
to burnt orange,
to almost red
before it disappeared.
Now, half illuminated,
it is glowing brightly.
The Milky Way
is coming into view again,
showing a small swath of hazy white.
It will climb and brighten and widen
as summer moves along.
By ten at night,
the air temperature has dropped
and the breeze feels soft
as I sit blissfully,
head bent to the sky,
trying to take it in;
trying to grasp
that we are part
of that swathe of sparkling stars;
trying to fathom how long
this magnificent universe has been
trying to let all that beauty
into my soul;
trying to comprehend
how important a job it is we have,
to stop
and see the summer sky.