Soft Sunday Morning Mist

One morning last week,
clouds moved in
and the temperatures
didn’t soar until well into
the afternoon.
We could be outside in the morning
without getting over-heated.
I could smell the rain.
And when it showered
for about five minutes—
when the smell of rain
hitting the soil intensified—
I broke out in tears!
Surprised me.
It was sobering
to realize that I’d been living
in fear
of how we’ll live through
a prolonged drought;
fear for
the plants and animals.
I know deep in my soul
that this is not a short-term event;
there is going to be extreme weather
for the long haul.
And so,
during chains of triple-digit days,
if rain comes—
even a sniff of rain
(it’s raining somewhere!)—
when the air cools,
when the humidity increases,
there is profound relief.

fires raged across central Oklahoma
for the second day.
By late afternoon,
Ann’s fiance’s vet clinic
was in jeopardy,
so she and Frank rushed
to get boarding animals
While they were driving through smoke
and experiencing a tree exploding in front of them,
the winds here at the farm
changed direction,
from the north.
And in the wee hours of Sunday morning,
we got a quarter-inch-plus
of rain.
The soft sound
of rain falling
in the dark
was a quiet balm.
Though the fire-ravaged part of the state
didn’t get rain,
on Sunday the temperature stayed lower,
humidity stayed up
and there were no new fires.
While the clinic didn’t burn,
Frank is now tending to animals
in the neighborhood of the clinic
that were burned. Some
have to be put down.
And many people lost their homes;
everything in them is ash.

I spent the Sabbath
like I have no other.
Never before
have I so completely relished,
to the depths of my soul,
a cooler, clearer day.
In the morning,
I walked in the mist
and the last of the sprinkles.
In the washed, golden light of the afternoon,
I watched for hours
three hummingbirds
as I sat on the porch
and listened to a quiet land
and read
and cherished
the soft air
and read.
I didn’t want to go in
as stars in the jillions
shown in the clear, black sky
and the waning moon
it was one of the best