The collapse of industrial civilization, which is well underway, is a natural consequence of spirit possession and soul repudiation…Spirit seeks to ascend and reach the heights, while soul prefers descent and flourishes in the downturn. The Enlightenment paradigm has served among other things, as a protracted flight away from the earth and rewarded us for not being fully present here…collapse is the soul’s gift to us at this moment in human history as it pulls our species back down to and into the earth. It is as if earth itself were screaming its rage at humanity in the form of natural disasters and climate chaos, and soul were wailing its sorrow in the form of myriad economic catastrophes and unprecedented financial devastation. The earth and the human soul cry out to us to return at long last to the humus or soil from which comes the word human and be fully present here.

—Carolyn Baker
Navigating the Coming Chaos. A Handbook for Inner Transition