Ann saying goodbye to Spice and Sugar

Sugar and Spice on their way home

The time eventually came
when we had to let the pigs
go home,
to Rowdy Stickhorse Wild Acres Farm
near Covington.
We thank you,
Paulette and Gary,
for letting them come stay with us
these last few months.
They’ve done an excellent job
of rooting up the Bermuda grass
in garden and orchard areas.
Along the way,
they’ve grown—
and so have we—
in understanding.
We’ve learned
that pigs have been unfairly stereotyped.
We’ve learned
how smart they are.
(Their escapes
were great adventures.)
We’ve learned
that they have strong, individual personalities.
We’ve learned
that they like people.
We’ve learned that they
are good company.
We know that
they will give their lives
so that others may have
We are glad
we had some time
getting to know them.