Chicks and Keets under heat lamps

New Digs alongside high tunnel:
roosting condo for older chickens (to the left);
younger chickens have been moved into lower condo

Teenaged Guineas and Chickens

The three chicks
and two guineas
that hatched
a month ago
and have lived in a pen
in the pond house
where Ann could keep
a close eye on them
have graduated,
to a bigger, outdoor pen.
They’ll live in that pen
until they’re old enough
to join the adult hens and rooster
who free range
during the day
and come home to the pen
at night to roost.
The free-rangers
and the young ones
live next door to each other
in a chicken condo
next to the high tunnel.
The older chickens
went through the same
progression of housing
and now are out and about,
eating bugs,
scratching the earth,
and laying eggs—
at the moment,
small, blue-ish, green-ish, brown-ish
We are quite happy
to have eggs to share
and happy to have
these happy companions
doing their good work.

Rooster, free-ranging in the garden