Morning Sun on Grass

Sun rose hot pink
through the fog
and then set the dewy grass asparkle.
Velvety alpaca noses
were wet
from early-morning grazing.
A Questionmark Butterfly
(cousin to the Eastern Comma)
sunned itself on a stone
then joined the honey bees
at the hummingbird feeder.
They share it still
with Hummingbird.
A Kildeer chorus sang
before the sun warmed
the prairie.
And some unknown bird
sat atop the Hackberry tree
in a call and response
with another bird of its ilk, farther away,
before taking flight,
with a “Bee-ur-ink!”
At noon,
the birds are hushed
and the Cicadeas—
not as many—
sing again.
Grasshoppers and Dragonflies
spring and float
amidst dying grass
and fall blossoms.
The Red-Winged Blackbirds
have made their first appearance,
back building their winter-feeding flock.
It’s still Summer
and almost Autumn.

Questionmark Butterfly
with its Autumn Coloring: Lavender-edged Wings