Elizabeth Leading Liturgy on Earth Day

The story we live out of
has everything to do with
how we live our lives.
Have you stopped to think
about our story?
We’re excited to offer a workshop
that helps us look at the large story
and how it impacts our lives
and in the future.
Our teacher, mentor and friend,
one of the wise women
deeply responsible for the mission
of Turtle Rock Farm,
is going to lead this workshop.
Studying the New Cosmology
(how the world and life came to be
and humans’ place in it)
at Phillips Theological Seminary
with Elizabeth Box Price
changed my life forever,
for the better,
setting me on the course
that led to the spirituality and sustainability
work here at our retreat center.
Respected as a theological educator,
Elizabeth is a great teacher
who is able to help us grasp profound
through experiential learning.
So this workshop
is a rare opportunity
to explore the scientific and theological underpinnings
of our species’ current work
to live as part of the great web of life.
Elizabeth received the prestigious $10,000
Course Programs Award from the Center for Theology
and the Natural Sciences in Berkeley.
Other grants have supported her engagement
in the conversation between science and religion
to help people of faith
explore natural science and ecology.
Time spent at Genesis Farm
and the Whidby Institute
has deepened Elizabeth’s own understanding
and developed her gifts
for helping us transform our ecological consciousness.
That is no simple task.
But Elizabeth is up to it
and we are grateful
to be able to offer a day with her
exploring our unfolding story.
Join us for a very special day.
To register for the workshop,
go to our website.