Dave and Ruth Atterbury cleaning the barn

Collecting prairie flowers

Dressing the table

Guests arriving

Visiting with the alpacas

Gathering along Doe Creek

Chef Barb and Alexis from Kam’s Kookery

Elizabeth Box Price welcoming all

Chef Barbara

Board members, Dorothy, Bruce, Barbara,
ready to serve dessert

Elizabeth and Mary Moloney, who founded Green Connections

Guests enjoying the evening

Ann Zimmerman singing in the round-top barn

It’s really the simplest
of evenings.
But the coming together
of these simple elements
is profoundly gracious:
people who care about the planet
gathering together,
visiting alpacas and goats
and a little house made out of mud and straw bales;
a gentle chef who helps grow the evening’s
scrumptious, healthy, environmentally-kind, locally-grown food;
wonderful wine from a fine Oklahoma vintner, Woods and Waters;
time together at table
on the prairie
beside trees along the creek
in view of the western sky, turning pink, as Earth rolls up and sun disappears;
an evening stroll up a country road
to enjoy sweet, thought-filled music
in a round-topped barn;
a telescoped view of the moon, half-bright,
and fond farewells.
We do this once a year—
this, the fourth annual Green Connections Prairie Dinner and Concert.
I wish we could
every week—
come together
to enjoy the simplest
and most profoundly beautiful
elements of life.