Wild Turkeys on the North Kaffka Place

The Hummingbirds
are gone,
whirring south for winter.
And I think the grasshoppers
are diminishing
because the Guinea Fowl
are going farther afield,
venturing into the backyard this morning,
where Joe startled them
into flight.
They landed safely
in the alpaca pasture.
The dogs allow the Guinea Fowl
in the front yard at the farm house,
but evidently not
in the back yard.
Down at the pecan grove,
wild turkeys
are on the move as well.
This is the first year
for a pecan harvest
in a grove our father planted
about ten years ago.
We know we’ll have to share
with the turkeys
and the deer,
but we’re moving into high gear
to harvest as many nuts as we can.
Despite 90-degree days,
autumn seems to be making its move.