OIKOS Scholars walking the farm road

Meeting the Alpaca

Helping with the pecan harvest.
Laying tarps under the trees

Watching pecans fall onto the tarps

Enjoying the harvest

Nothing is more hopeful
than to meet young people
who care about,
want to learn about
and want to live in ways
that support
our one common house,
the environment
and all life that dwells in it.
Last weekend,
OIKOS (“house” in Greek) scholars
came to Turtle Rock Farm
for the first time.
(also the root word for both ecology and economics)
scholars are students
at Oklahoma City University
in any field of study
who also take a series of classes,
do service projects
and participate in an international educational experience
that address issues of peace, justice
and environmental sustainability.
Saturday, some of the young people in this program
came to Turtle Rock Farm
to spend some time together
in a setting where they could both be in the natural world
and learn about the environmental issues
we face here.
The timing of their visit
was a happy coincidence
because besides touring the farm
and meeting the animals,
they could experience
the festive occasion
of  harvesting of our first pecan crop.
They jumped in to help,
moving tarps under trees,
filling gunny sacks with pecans
and toting them for us.
They tasted the freshest pecans,
watched wildlife respond to the invasion
of their quiet habitat
(Barn Swallows flew angrily overhead,
coyotes watched from the distance,
turkeys, whose feathers they found,
stayed hidden.)
They asked great questions about many things,
including the bright winter wheat
in adjoining fields,
and shared in the joy of harvest.
We are looking forward
to many more occasions
to welcome OCU students
and to the places
they will take us
as we learn together
how all in the house
can thrive.