While we are still grieving
the loss of all the chickens at the farm house,
and trying to trap all the marauders,
the  two male rabbits have brought some levity.
Pappa and son
escaped from the barn
and now live freely,
running around the barnyard
and the area around the house.
We leave them food and water
near where we feed the cats.
The rabbits run with the cats,
rubbing up against them,
as cats rub against each other;
sniffing them when they stop moving,
as cats do to each other.
The cats let them be,
stare at them,
hiss and swat
when the rabbits engage
The cats roam freely
amidst the alpaca and goats,
guineas, chickens,
(when we had chickens here.)
We’ve watched dogs and cats abide each other,
sometimes form friendships.
The dogs now ignore the guineas
and the chickens, who ranged freely.
Goats and Alpacas
hang out together.
Guineas and Alpacas
play together.
Now the rabbits and the cats…
Love diversity.
Love a peaceable kingdom.
And then
there’s the food chain:
skunks, raccoons
and chickens.
Not so peaceable.