About 20 miles west and north
of Turtle Rock Farm,
the landscape is taking a new shape.
150 wind turbines are being erected
from the Hunter area to the Pond Creek area.
Construction began in summer
and the wind farm is expected
to be operational by the end of the year.
In its story about the  project,
the Edmond Sun said that:

the wind farm is expected to generate enough power to avoid more than 565,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to taking about 110,000 cars off the road.

It’s important to keep our minds
on the big picture:
the critical importance
of reducing fossil fuel use
and cooling the planet.
With any change,
there are benefits
and sacrifices;
aspects we like
and aspects we don’t like.
We must remember:
this is about life
for all life on the planet,
including our children’s
and theirs.