Prayer for Life

Dear God, please allow me to be ever aware that you are the divine wholeness of Reality in which I live and move and have my being. Remind me often of our larger evolutionary story, and allow me to continually grow in my understanding of its implications. Help me to experience everything as a revelation of you and as part of my larger Self. Oh God, may I be a channel of your loving energy to other parts of the body. Please help me to remember that everything I say or do, or fail to say or do, affects future generations. Empower me to respectfully question and, if need be, peacefully oppose those who disregard or violate differentiation (diversity,) interiority (personality,) and communion (interrelationship.

Good, help me to know and feel that everything that happens is perfect in the sense that it provides the maximum opportunity for my growth and learning. Help me to accept myself and others completely here and now, remembering that we each tend to do the best we can given the internal and external resources we have available to us at the time. Help me to forgive, to let go, and to trust that your will is unfolding naturally.

God, help me to remember that I have everything I need to fully enjoy the present, and help me to take personal responsibility, with thanksgiving, for everything I experience. May I feel with compassion the problems and opportunities of others, without trying to fix, heal, or convert them. Help me to have faith in you and to patiently trust in nature’s timing.

God, please allow me to live with the awareness that every moment is a one-time gift of grace, and that I may not live to see the sun rise or set again. Help me to act only when centered, loving and aware of my interconnectedness and to postpone acting when otherwise. Help me to affirm and enhance the differences of others while remaining faithful to the truth as I understand and experience it. May I be a careful and sensitive listener. May I live in ever increasing harmony with all of nature.

God, please help me to know that every moment, no matter what the situation or circumstances, I have a choice between heaven and hell; between the path of gratitude, acceptance, trust, faith, hope, love and the path of resentment, denial, judgment, doubt, fear and control. Please develop in me the habit of asking myself, ‘What kind of yesterday am I creating by my actions or inaction today?’ and, ‘What would I have to do or not do in order to feel great about this day tomorrow? a week from now? a year from now?’ Likewise, help me to naturally and regularly ask, ‘What would Jesus think about, do or say in this situation?’ and then give me the expansive love and courage to do or say it, remembering that I am a cell in your universal body.

Dear God, daily give me the wisdom and strength to fight my greatest enemy—myself. And help me to remember that my greatest ally in this battle is my Self.


— Michael Dowd
Earthspirit. A Handbook for Nurturing an Ecological Christianity