It seems we humans
have a love-hate relationship
with the weather,
(as well as other things.)
We love the weather
when it is pleasant
and we find pleasure in it.
We hate the weather
when it is unpleasant
and interferes with our comfort.
I’m going to practice
observing the weather
without adding myself
into the equation;
without judging if it’s good weather
or bad weather.
I’m just going to pay attention
to the weather.
This morning,
at 5:53
it was 73 degrees F.
The wind was blowing at 10 mph
with gusts of 22.
At 6:53,
it was 53 degrees F.
Wind was blowing at 20 mph
with gusts of 36.
At 9 a.m.,
it was 47 degrees F.
Wind was blowing 20 mph
with gusts of 31.
It’s overcast.
The leaves are blowing off the trees.
Sheets drying on the clothesline
are snapping.
Going out,
I need a hat and jacket.
The animals are huddled
under bushes
and other protected places.

If the universe
is the Source of Life
manifesting love and creativity
through this one magnificent organism
of which everything is a part,
then if I hate the weather,
I hate myself
and every other thing
in the universe.
So I don’t hate the weather
Or love it,
I’m practicing
seeing it
as it is:
wind blowing,
temperature dropping.
There it is.
It’s kind of a relief
not to have to decide
anything about the weather—
whether it is a bother to me
or a great pleasure.
It’s simply
what it is.

Could it be
that my resistance
to what is happening in this moment—
in this case,
the weather—
(whether I’m holding onto it
because I love it,
or resisting it
because I hate it)
is keeping me from knowing Truth
as it is revealed in this moment?