Last spring
friends and volunteers
to help us raise the ribs
for the “high tunnel”—
a tall, unheated greenhouse.
In one day,
with many hands,
we built the structure
and covered the top
with shade cloth.
Ann, Erica, Frank, Randy and Michael
have worked many hours
since then getting the doors
and the roll-up sides installed,
finishing the framework
so that the plastic covering could go up,
replacing the shade cloth,
for winter.
After a week of strong winds,
finally there came a still day
and we pulled the plastic over the roof
and secured it.
With summers that are too hot and dry
for producing fruits and vegetables
in the garden,
and with warming winters,
the high tunnel will extend the growing season.
We might be able to grow vegetables
long into the fall,
and winter,
then much earlier in spring.
Right now,
greens are plentiful.

One of the things we’ve learned
about sustainability,
and sustainability
in extreme weather,
is that everything
all the time.
All is experiment.
You just keep adapting,
keep trying.