Visitors at Turtle Rock Farm tableat Oklahoma Peace Festival on Sunday

Sometimes we envy our friends
on the west coast
where environmental stewardship
is mainstream.
Step off a train or plane there,
and the first thing you see
are recycling bins.
And that’s just the first thing you see;
sustainable living goes deeply there.
In Oklahoma,
there is still much awareness-raising
and education
to be done.
So it’s always fun
about this time of year
to step into the Hall of Mirrors
at the Oklahoma Civic Center
and find a giant room full
of organizations
and people
who care about
and work for
social justice, human service, civil rights,
environmental sustainability and peace.
The annual Peace Festival,
sponsored by the Oklahoma Peace House,
is an educational event,
a fund-raising event
and a time for community.
This is our fourth year
to have a Turtle Rock Farm booth
at the festival
and the day became
a wonderful reminder
that there are many Oklahomans
working for justice and peace.
Our friends at the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club
were there.
Our friends from Pambe Ghana
were across the aisle from us.
Our friends from Red Flag Press
were at the table next to us.
Our creation care friends
from the Norman Friends Meeting
were down the row.
Our friends from the Peace Education Institute
created a wonderful activity center
for the children.
Our friends,
and board members,
Bruce Johnson and Barbara Hagan,
from the Homestead School in Spencer,
were workers at the event.
Many other friends,
old and new,
stopped by our table
to pick up fresh pecans,
alpaca yarn
and photo cards
and have a conversation—
people who’ve taken workshops and retreats here
and people who are planning to.
Justice activists are spread across our state
and everyone is focused on their good work,
so it is especially important
that we come together now and then
to remember others doing the critical work
of The Great Turning—
toward a time of sustainability and healing;
to remember we are not alone:
we are community.

Patti and Diane at the Pambe Ghana table

Rachel and Karen at Red Flag Press