Jeanne Finley

There are many ways
to get to know the natural world.
Here at Turtle Rock Farm
we offer some opportunities
to do that:
morning and evening sun meditations,
night-sky meditations,
silent prairie walks.
We’ve also offered workshops on
photographing nature
and writing nature poems
in Haiku.
Last Saturday,
for the first time,
we offered a workshop
on nature sketching.
Jeanne Finley,
a Master Naturalist
who also keeps a lovely nature sketching journal,
came from Virginia
to teach us.
We were surprised
that we could draw anything,
But, with Jeanne’s simple and gentle instruction,
we did.

Sketching at the Pond

Sketching at the Chicken Coop

More importantly,
we now have another way
to get to know
our home,
our neighbors,
more deeply,
more intimately.
Besides teaching us how to draw,
Jeanne inspired us to consider
nature sketching as spiritual practice.
She shared this,
from Liberty Hyde Bailey’s
The Holy Earth:

One does not act rightly toward one’s fellows if one does not know how to act rightly to the Earth.

 Saturday’s first attempts at nature sketching