I carry with me from my climbing years this unshakable conviction: God created us not only for intimacy with God and with others but for intimacy with the land…

What if climate change, species depletion and the long litany of ecological woes were, at root, an inability to acknowledge or feel God’s presence in the land? If there were coal under Mount Horeb, Sinai or another place we associate with God’s presence, would we remove that mountain to get at it? And is God any less present in the mountains we  remove in West Virginia, or the waters we poison in the Gulf of Mexico  or the topsoil we squander through industrial farming practices?

Reconciliation with the land means learning to see the land as part of God’s redemptive plan and acknowledge God’s ongoing presence there. That will require putting ourselves in proximity to the land and staying there long enough to be changed.

— Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba
Making Peace with the Land. God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation