When first light dawned
the first time
I visited the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve,
I thought I would never need
to visit Ireland—
the prairie was so green, lush,
That was in early May
several years ago.
This week,
in a very dry November,
the prairie palette
is tawny, beige, tan, gray, gold.
But the moment we drove
up to that place where I had watched
morning dawn,
we all bounded from the car
wanting to take in
the loveliness stretching out before us.
Even in the dormant days,
the Tall Grass Prairie
is beautiful:
grasses bent in the breeze,
gentle swells on the horizon,
majestic buffalo silently
making their way.
My son and his friend,
visiting from Los Angeles,
were the ones who suggested we visit
the Tall Grass Prairie.
We spent a golden afternoon
thrilled by watching bison up close,
casting our eyes,
and souls,
across the great expanse of land.
If this generation
of young people
finds the prairie
all is not lost.