Saturday afternoon
in the city,
unexpectedly catching up with an old friend
in the line at the grocery store;
shopping for gifts
at Pambe Ghana Global Market,
a fair trade boutique
that benefits a school in Ghana,
and visiting with the good women
who make it happen;
sharing supper with a friend
in a bustling restaurant
then kicking back with friends,
new and old,
at Full Circle Books
to the sweet, bluesy music of “Miss Brown to You.”
I love the city.

Sunday lunch on the farmhouse front porch
(it’s 64 degrees on December 2)
in the soft quiet,
soft breeze,
soft chirp
of birds.
I watch Bluebird and Goldfinch
dip beaks in the water,
throw back their heads
to let it run down their tiny throats.
Then Mockingbird takes a turn,
the rippling water reflected
on its gray breast feathers.
A small, flittering, speckled butterfly
bumps into me.
I love the country.