…unless we understand why God rests and what God’s resting looks like, we won’t know what creation is about and what it is ultimately for.

When God looks out on creation on the first Sabbath sunrise, {God} sees a good and beautiful and fruitful world. Repeatedly in Genesis 1, we find God seeing how good the creation is. There is a palpable excitement building as God completes each day, because with each day yet another wonderful creation is completed. When God considers any creature, what God sees is a physical manifestation of {God’s} own love.

Understood in this Sabbath light, God’s rest is not a departure from this world but the fullest and most intimate immersion in it. When God practices Shabbat, God takes complete delight in what is made. Delight marks the moment when we find whatever is in our presence so lovely and so good that there is no other place we want to be. All we want to do is soak it up, be fully present to it and cherish the goodness of the world God has made. Something so good cannot be enjoyed from a distance or in the abstract. It requires the deep knowledge that comes from union, from the tasting of it…Delight is inspired by the love that receives and enjoys another in his or her or its divinely bestowed loveliness.

 Making Peace with the Land. God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation
Fred Bahnson and Norman Wirzba