Two Eagles (one in highest tree, to the left,
one-third way from top; one in tree on right)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                            Photos by Pat Hoerth
IMG_7014                                                                            Photo by Ann Denney

Two winters ago,
we watched a Bald Eagle
at the Big Pond.
One February morning
we saw it make repeated attempts
to capture a Canada Goose
floating on the water.
(goose would go under water)
Eagle flew to the top of a tree
and sat for hours,
then disappeared.
We didn’t see Eagles here
last winter.
Last week,
neighbors reported
seeing Bald Eagles
in the neighborhood.
And then
Saturday morning,
Ann and Frank
spotted two
right at the corner
of Zig Zag Lane.
Soon after taking my place
to watch them,
one flew off,
soaring with that magnificent span of wing
to a tree near the Big Pond.
Shortly, it flew into the trees
on the other side of the pond.
But the one near Zig Zag Lane
stayed put —
all morning.
I watched it sitting
so far towards the end of a branch
that the branch bounced gently
up and down
when Eagle
ruffled its feathers,
and preened
with that powerful golden beak.
As flocks of Red-Winged Blackbirds
flew over and around,
Eagle turned its large, beautiful, white head often,
front to side,
to other side.
Moving its wings
to adjust its temperature
must have kept it more comfortable
than I was
in the electric cart.
And it is evidently
more content
to sit
for hours
without anything else to do,
but be.
it disappeared,
long after I had.
But we hope
that the two
are partners,
and still close by,
planning to nest.
Knowing they exist,
knowing they are visiting
here in the neighborhood,
getting to watch
and sit
and preen,
and just be,
and thrills
winter’s heart.