Disconnection from the inner world estranges us from that which in the outer world matters most—other members of the earth community and the earth itself. Attending to the inner world does not produce stunted navel-gazers, but rather informs and enlivens our connection with the external. It enables our ability to discern that which holds intrinsic value and that which has the capacity to annihilate. The inner world potentially offers a kind of innate ‘global positioning system’ (GPS) that if consulted and honored, re-evaluates the external world in terms of what is life-supporting, sustainable, and authentic. Just as we require interaction with the external world in order to experience the value of earth/community connection, we require regular immersion in the inner world in order to function congruently and compassionately in the outer world.

—Carolyn Baker,
Navigating the Coming Chaos. A Handbook for Inner Transition