When we fail to observe the Sabbath we miss out on the chance to experience creation and each other as God desires it. We forfeit the opportunity to live our days in the modes of care, celebration, and delight—all marks of the first Sabbath day…Can we envision contemporary avenues for the practices of delight, thanksgiving, and praise—quintessential indicators that we are at rest—that will transform our daily and weekly habits?…Sabbath is not confined to one day. Sabbath observance has the potential to reform and redirect all our ways of living. It should be the source and goal that inspires and nourishes the best of everything we do…The Sabbath is not simply about taking a break from our busy routines. It should not be reduced to a ‘time of rest’ understood as inactivity, because this formulation overlooks the rich potential within Sabbath teaching to transform a complete life…the key to Sabbath observance is that we participate regularly in the delight that marked God’s own response to a creation wonderfully made.

—Norman Wirzba
Living the Sabbath. Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight