Guest Feeding Darcy

when I’m feeding the alpaca
their morning treats,
I’m thinking about
a jillion things.
I might notice how fast they’re chomping away,
but my mind
also can be going
in many directions;
I’m not enjoying
those dark eyes
or their quirky eating habits
or their interactions with each other.
In fact,
there are many times
during a day
when I’m going through the motions
but thinking about something else.
I’m not living in the moment.
Learning to pay attention
to what’s happening in the moment
and then paying attention
to what I’m thinking and feeling
in the moment,
is a powerful spiritual practice.
This moment
is what connects us—
to life,
to all,
to Spirit/God/Love
and our Truest Selves.
Many spiritual teachers
of many traditions
of many eras
have offered great teachings
on living in the moment/
in the presence.
We share those teachings—
including some time practicing them—
in a day retreat.We invite you to join us
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
February 9.
You can register here.

Heading out now,
to take the laundry off the line—
and savor
those moments.