…our practical living amongst all the members of creation is a deeply religious matter. This point needs stressing, especially in an age of individualism, because we are tempted to think that religious faith is ultimately and primarily about the believer’s personal relation to God and then secondly about how we humans treat and relate to each other. Faith is thus reduced to a spiritual affair that does not have lot to do with bodies. The danger of a disembodied or gnostic faith…is that it becomes nearly inevitable that we will devalue and forget the many other bodies of creation too. When we fully admit the body into religious life, we are at the same time compelled to think about and care for other bodies—microorganisms, earthworms, tomatoes, wheat, bees, chickens—because it is through them that our living takes place. our bodies, in other words, join us integrally to the whole of creation and thus also to the life of God there at work.

— Norman Wirzba
Living the Sabbath. Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight