As more cities are beginning to allow chickens,
people want to have a few in their own backyards.
There are so many benefits to raising your own chickens:
they eat bugs, till the ground, fertilize the soil,
provide delicious eggs and are great entertainment.

Recently, we held our first workshop on keeping chickens.
We discussed the challenges of keeping the chickens safe–
shared our experiences with skunks, racoons, coyotes
and other predators who find chickens irresistible.

We toured the farm and looked at the progression
of coops we have used for our own chickens.
Then participants built models of what they want their coops
and pens to look like.


We learned that the city of Norman now allows homeowners to keep four chickens.

One of our guests is doing her dissertation at the University of Oklahoma
on how individuals can affect change in city policy in the area of raising chickens.
We look forward to hearing about other cities that are
coming on board with chickens.