Ann and Pat in the recording studio
for The Living Room
with Gerry Bonds

Gerry Bonds
invited us into her
“Living Room”!
Her radio show,
which is aired three times monthly
on KOSU-91.7 fm,
is always interesting, lively
and informative.
On this month’s show—
“Be Good to Yourself”—
she asked us to talk about
what happens at Turtle Rock Farm Retreat Center,
how it came about
and why we do it.
She gets it!
Here’s what she said in
our introduction:

{Turtle Rock Farm} serves as a vivid reminder that humans are spiritual beings and that we need to replenish our spirits every now and then and re-connect with the earth in order to maintain a more balanced life.

This show also features
Sam and Lisa Bachman,
from The Canebrake.
It was great to meet Sam
at the recording
(and Lisa, via telephone.)
This month, the show will air again
at 2:30 p.m. the 10th
and 8:30 a.m. the 12th.
Or, you can listen to it here:
Past show recordings are also available
on The Living Room website.


Thank you Gerry,
for your deep and diligent homework,
great questions
and commitment to helping all
live rich and healthy lives.
It was a pleasure,
and we look forward
to welcoming you
to the prairie!