Robin in Tree Full of Hackberry Seeds Last Fall,

It wasn’t so cold
But the wind was sharp
and after feeding the animals
we settled inside the farmhouse
for the Living in the Moment retreat.
After lunch,
which we prepared
and ate
(in silence,
chewing one fork full at a time
before picking up the fork
for the next bite),
the house felt chilly
and so I went out to the grain bin
to bring in firewood.
I walked out mindfully,
filled my arms with wood,
and returned to the house,
It was during the walk
from grain bin to house,
being mindful,
that I noticed
all the seeds
in the big, old Hackberry tree
are gone.
The tree had been loaded
with the tiny, magenta seeds
by the time the leaves fell
in the fall.
I’ve been paying attention
to the birds feasting
at the birdfeeders.
I hadn’t noticed
they’ve been eating the seeds
in the tree too.
Seeds that our human ancestors
used to live on.
Seeds that, we discovered last summer,
are sweet
and make good wine.
We never picked enough for wine—
it would have taken days.
Now I’m glad we didn’t.
The birds needed them.