Wonder is not just another emotion; it is rather an opening into the heart of the universe. Wonder is the pathway into what it means to be human, to taste the lusciousness of sun-ripened fruit, to endure the bleak agonies of heartbreak, to exult over the majesty of existence.

The universe’s energies penetrate us and awaken us. Through each moment of wonder, no matter how small, we participate in the entrance of primal energies into our lives.

…one of the most stunning discoveries in the twentieth century cosmology is the deep sense of time that the universe carries. This is not a mechanical time but a cosmological time of universe emergence. In some remarkable way the universe seems to be similar to the unfolding of a giant red oak, where one stage of development leads to the next, as when the galaxies began to form several hundred million years after the birth of the universe. It was not possible for galaxies to emerge earlier or later. If any galaxies started to appear in the first hundred thousand years they would have been torn apart instantly. The energy conditions and patterns of organization necessary for such a magnificent feat were present then and only then…

It is the same with our moment. We are in the midst of vast destruction, but it is simultaneously a moment of profound creativity. We are involved with building a new era of Earth’s life. Our human role is to deepen our consciousness in resonance with the dynamics of the fourteen-billion-year creative event in which we find ourselves. Our challenge now is to construct livable cities and to cultivate healthy foods in ways congruent with Earth’s patterns. Our role is to provide the hands and hearts that will enable the universe’s energies to come forth in a new order of well-being. Our destiny is to bring forth a planetary civilization that is both culturally diverse and locally vibrant, a multiform civilization that will enable life and humanity to flourish.

Journey of the Universe
Brian Thomas Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker