alyssa and potatoes
Alyssa with Potato Crop in 2011

Alyssa Armstrong was the first
WWOOFer to come to work
on Turtle Rock Farm.
She quickly became
a friend.
Since her time with us
in 2011,
she has worked on organic farms
and natural building sites
and trail management projects
from Massachusetts to Utah.
Her education
is extraordinary.
And she is extraordinary.
In fact,
she is one of the reasons
we carry hope
for the planet.

Twice she has returned
for visits.
We enjoy getting to see her,
hear of her experiences,
learn from her.
And she always digs in
(literally, this time)
and helps out
while she’s here.
This trip,she dug carrots
(“You all grow the best carrots
I’ve ever eaten.”)
and taught us how to keep them
without refrigeration:
in a box filled with soil
in a dark, cool place.

We wish you well, Alyssa,
at your next farm.
And we thank you
for your friendship,
and look forward
to seeing you again


Alyssa digging carrots in the high tunnel…


…while chickens search for bugs.