Meeting the Pygmy Goats

A Grandmother
with Swedish heritage
came to Turtle Rock Farm
this week
with her grandchildren.
It was their annual
“Mormor Camp.”
(Mormor is one Swedish word
for Grandmother.)
Mormor Gala is from Norman,
her grandchildren are from Texas.
She wanted to give them
“a healthy dose of nature”
during their spring break.
It was lovely to have them here.


Being with the Alpaca

Feeding the Alpaca…

…and Scooping Alpaca Poop

They went with us
on a long nature hike,
helped us feed animals,
walked the labyrinth,
sat with us under a spectacular
night sky
to watch the stars.
On their own,
they played hide-and-seek
over a wide area of the farm
and explored further
and further each day.
“You can walk out the door
and go a long way,” they said.
“It’s a big space.”
Watching the stars with us,
they told us
they had never seen that many.
On hikes,
they discovered lady bugs
and looked at them closely
with jewelers’ loupes.
They found animal tracks
in creek beds,
delicate bones
on the prairie.
They stayed in a house
with passive solar,
a composting toilet
and walls made of straw bales
and mud.

Discovering a Turtle Shell
(and learning about a drought)

Identifying Animal Tracks in Doe Creek


Using a Jeweler’s Loupe to get a Close Look
at a Lady Bug that Landed on Grandmother’s Arm

Learning About Growing Red Wiggler Worms for Composting

Getting to Know a Chicken

To see children
comfortable in nature,
to freely explore the natural world
that is their home—now
and forever—
brings hope;
hope that what they know
and love,
they will care about.

We honor
you Mormor Gala.

Gala and her Grandchildren on the Country Road