our grandmother
was feeling cranky,
and couldn’t figure out
she realized it was spring
and she was irriitable
because there had been no
spring storm.
I used to think this was
something personal
to Grandma.
But now I wonder.
I wonder
if she was expressing
more than her own need.
I wonder if she—
she who watched the birds
every morning
(and kept notes in a journal
on a table under the window);
she who spent time out in the garden
noticing the flowers’
was in tune
with the needs of the land
and at least some of its inhabitants.

We are in a drought—
and that is why
the rains of the last three days
have brought
such relief—
to the land,
and therefore,
to our spirits.
While some parts of the state
have had 3 to almost-6 inches
of rain,
we have poured a very welcome
of water
from our rain gauge
(Oklahoma Mesonet records
1.78 inches for us.
Areas west of us
only received a half-inch,
or less.)
The rain here
fell slowly and soakingly.
There was a brief, strong wind;
short times of sleet.
As the sun shines
on this warming,
wet morning,
I think of Grandma
because the impact of the soaking
is reminiscent
of those years
of good Oklahoma spring rains.
Plants are popping up.
The grass is drinking,
I heard a “Phoee-bee”
her arrival.