It’s bee-swarming time.
And we have been on the lookout:
Ann thinks that one of the hives of bees
might be crowded in their current digs
and decide to swarm.


In the meantime,
she was called earlier in the week
to capture a colony of bees
that had swarmed to a tree
in a backyard in Enid
where the children swing.

First Swarm

Ann captured the swarm,
and drove the 40 miles home
chauffering approximately 20,000 bees
in the car with her.
She introduced them to their new home
and a couple of days later
noticed bees everywhere on the patio;
evidently that swarm didn’t like their new home
and swarmed again—
location, unknown.
Today, Ann received another call from Enid
about another swarm
in someone’s backyard.

IMG_7503Second Swarm

After consulting with her beekeeping mentor,
she made some additions to the hive
to help them like their new home.

IMG_7517Second Swarm in New Home

We hope they stay.
We like the bees,
their honey,
their pollinating.