Our life is made richer
living with chickens.
Protein in our diet—
mostly from eggs—
is just the start of it.
They also eat bugs,
disturb the weeds.
But it is their presence
that we enjoy most.
Even when they cause us
chomping on tomato plants
or the roosters chasing us—
we are happy to figure out
solutions to those problems
and continue to live together—
mostly: the gang of roosters
is gone. (Still, in their deaths—
with as little suffering as possible—
they taught us
what it means to kill your own food.)

A friend brought us a card this week,
written by comic Art Krug:

I bought a free-range chicken. You know, the kind that runs free and gets pampered like a family pet, right up until they day they kill it. It tasted surprised.

Chickens give us much
good company,
good food—
and food for thought!
We hope we give them
a happy home,
(a quick and easy death
should it come to that.)
Come hear the stories,
learn about raising them,
at our next Raising Chickens Workshop.
It’s June 15
and you can register here.