It was a little heartbreaking
to leave the lush
of the prairie greening
last week
to go to Winchester, Va.
Of course, spring’s lush
was gushing there too.
It rained
all day the first two days;
a gentle, no wind, falling straight down—
how odd!—
kind of rain.
Then the sunshine
cast light and shadow
on trees
and the green ran deep.
At Shenandoah University
the Dogwood tree
blossoms laid so thickly
on the branches
I wasn’t sure what they were at first.



I enjoyed the family of geese
that spring expands
each year at Shenandoah University.
There are streams and ponds
on campus
and people evidently are familiar
and non-threatening
to the geese who live there.
As I walked across the soft grass,
downy goslings came right up to my feet
and walked alongside.
I hadn’t realized how clumsy it might feel
to be flapping a webbed foot—
so helpful in the water—
on the thick green grass.


Back home,
casting my eyes across the greening prairie,
listening to birds,
raising my face to the breeze,
breathing deeply the sweet air,
I’m glad to have witnessed
two springs this year.