On second thought,
we grew concerned
that when the guinea hen
hatched keets on her nest in the barn,
the barn cats
might not be good for the babes.
Ann moved several of the eggs
from the nest
into the incubator,
leaving some for the hen to hatch
both in barn
and incubator,
there are hatchlings.
And so far,
everyone’s safe.IMG_7723-1                                                                                                                            Ann Denney

Pappa and Momma Guinea
brought the little ones out
from the nest
to meet their barn mates—
chickens and grown guineas.
Then Momma watched over them
as they climbed back up the mountainous straw bale
into the nest.

IMG_7727                                                                                                                                                                 Ann Denney

By evening,
chickens were keeping an eye
on the guinea family.


Glad she made the decision
to nest indoors this year.
We are very happy for her.