Befriending emptiness is mostly a tender thing, requiring such immediacy and vulnerability that my heart is rendered very delicate…Yet nowhere else am I more truly myself. In no other way does the woven tapestry of love and addiction spring into vibrant, colorful life…

Spaciousness is always a beginning, a possibility, a potential, a capacity for birth. Space exists not in order to be filled but to create. In space, to the extent we can bear the truth of the way things are, we find the ever-beginning presence of love. Take the time, then; make the space. Seek it wherever you can find it, do it however you can. The manner does not matter, and the experience you have there is of secondary importance. Seek the truth, not what is comfortable. Seek the real, not the easy.

—Gerald May, “Entering the EmptinessSimpler Living, Compassionate Life, ed. Michael Schut